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  • vegane Apfelwähe mit Guss
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    Vegan Swiss Apple Quiche / Pie

    Mar 14, 2019

    Hello Lovelies, today I share a recipe with you, which I have been asked for several times: Vegan Swiss Apple Quiche / Pie ….

  • Rote Bete (Randen) Salat mit Orangen und Ricotta
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    Beetroot salad with oranges and ricotta

    Mar 11, 2019

    Hello Lovelies, today’s recipe, for  beetroot salad with oranges and ricotta I once again dedicate to one of my favorite winter fruits, before these…

  • Cremiger Porridge mit Cashewmilch
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    Creamy porridge with cashew milk

    Feb 13, 2019

    Hello Lovelies, today I’m happy to share one of our favorite breakfast recipes with you: creamy porridge with cashew milk. Especially in the cold…

  • Schneller Orangenkuchen
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    Quick and moist orange cake

    Feb 7, 2019

    Hello lovelies, today I have a new recipe for you for a quick and moist orange cake . The orange cake is made super…

  • Wintergemüse mit Weisskohl
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    Winter vegetables with cabbage

    Jan 23, 2019

    Hello Lovelies , today I have a new recipe for you and it’s my kids favorite food during winter: Winter vegetables with cabbage and…

  • Chia Pudding Grundrezept
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    Chiapudding – basic recipe

    Jan 21, 2019

    Hello Lovelies, as promised today comes another basic recipe for you: Chiapudding. I have to say, I have kind of a love-hate relationship with…

  • Herbst-Minestrone mit Kürbis und Maroni
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    Autumn minestrone with pumpkin and chestnuts

    Oct 2, 2018

    Hello lovelies, now that the temperature has dropped and autumn begins, I will spoil you with an appropriate recipe: Autumn minestrone with pumpkin and chestnuts. The…

  • Apfelpfannkuchen vegan
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    Apple pancakes

    Sep 28, 2018

    Hello lovelies, I couldn’t be happier that apple season is here!! So I have a new recipe for you as well: Apple pancakes. 


    But first…

  • Kürbis Hummus mit geröstetem Hummus
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    Pumpkin hummus with roasted veggies

    Sep 2, 2018

    Hello lovelies, finally I’m back with a new recipe: Pumpkin hummus with roasted veggies! Pumpkin?! – yes you heard correctly, even though I’m super sad…

  • Johannisbeerkuchen lecker vegan
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    The most delicious red currant cake

    Aug 15, 2018

    Hello lovelies, have you baked with currants yet this summer? If not then I have the perfect recipe for you for this delicious and…

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    Filled zucchini with lentils and orzo

    Aug 8, 2018

    Hello Lovelies, summer time always means zucchini time as well. So I’m happy to present you with a delicious recipe for this versatile summer…

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    Vegan tomato quiche

    Jul 27, 2018

    Hello lovelies, I have a great new summer recipe for you today: a vegan tomato quiche. I am often told by many people they would…

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    Couscous salad with apricots

    Jul 12, 2018

    Hello lovelies, I’m back with a new recipe and this time it’s a delicious couscous salad with apricots, pistachios, lots of fresh mint and berberries….

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    Our 4 favorite dips

    Jul 5, 2018

    Hello Lovelies, we are a true dipper family. For us a dip or two belongs to every meal, barbecue or appetizer. There is nothing…

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    2 delicious recipes with basmati rice

    Jun 19, 2018

    Hello lovelies, I’m happy to present 2 more recipes in cooperation with Alnatura to you this time with the delicious Alnatura Basmati Rice. We keep it…