Hello Lovelies, I'm really happy to share a bit different kind of post today. Still related to food and cooking, but it's actually a little behind the scenes look into my kitchen or to be more precise into my work space at home with my probs and food storage. In cooperation with IKEA Schweiz* I remodeled my work space and created more room for fresh herbs, all my bowls, plates, jars, linen and also reorganized my storage and also made it more sustainable.

I'm so happy and pleased with the result, so be prepared to see lots of pictures. I'm lucky to have a big open kitchen with lots of space to cook and work. Right next to it is my work space, where I store most of my probs, backgrounds and shooting equipment. It would not make any sense to take the food to another room first for pictures, so this is a good solution for me. Also since the light is really perfect in the kitchen, since we have big windows and I only shoot my pictures with natural light.

Over the past year my collection of probs and things has grown more and more (I have no idea how that happened :-)). New backgrounds, wooden boards, bowls, cooking books - oh well and my working space just became a bit messy, unorganized and wasn't a pleasure to look at. I show you the inconvenient truth on the pics below.

Since I'm working from home and naturally spent lot of time in the kitchen, I was looking for a better solution and also a prettier one, also for food storage. I wanted to keep the two Kallax shelfs, since they are so useful, but needed more space for sure. So off to IKEA we went, since I already found some things online that I wanted to get for sure and also to stroll through the store to get more inspiration.

And now I'm really happy to show you how I transformed the space and the After-Pictures. On the left of the Kallax shelfs I put on open shelf from the ELVARLI series. I actually found this in the closet department, but that's the thing I really love about Ikea furniture, there are no boundaries how to use them or in which room, you just need a creative idea. I'm also amazed how easy it was to put it together and you can add more elements if you like - so useful.

The Elvarli shelf offers enough space for my plates and bowls and also to store some of my food. As a Foodblogger I might have some more ingredients than a "usual" cook and I love to have them displayed like this, this way you can find them very quickly. One thing very close to my heart was that I can store my food in glas instead of plastic. Over the last year I eliminated most plastic items from my kitchen and also trying to do more and more plastic free in our daily life. I was so happy to find these new glass containers from the Ikea 365+ series, that come with a matching wooden lid. They are not only pretty, but also the perfect size for larger amounts to store like nuts, oats, flour or sugar. But I also like the jars from the KORKEN series, that also come I different sizes. Next to the new containers I got from Ikea, I always use empty jars from the food we consume and up-cycle them for my storage. All my camera equipment is stored in the basket, like this everything is in one space and not so pretty cables, etc. are hidden in the basket.

Another thing I had in mind was more space for fresh herbs, which I always have in my kitchen and use a lot. I wanted something to present them in a pretty way, but also let them grow properly. I was thinking about a hanging structure at first, but than I found the plant stand SATSUMAS and I love it. It's the perfect solution in front of the window, but I can still easily remove it when I need to.

And I'm pretty sure most of you know this, there are certain items that you find at IKEA, you didn't plan on buying them, bit when you discover them, they are just too good not to take them. That's how I felt about the lovely wire etagere SOMMAR. I was already looking for a better solution to store all the fruits and veggies we consume weekly since some time now. And this one is perfect, it's big enough and also very pretty and just fits onto the new work area so well.

I never can resist new plants, so I also took home a new cactus, an aloe vera, an ivy and 3 very cute mini succulents. Plants and greens always make a space more cozy and healthy as well.

And since I'm so happy with my new kitchen/work are I have to show you some more pictures (and also because I cleaned the windows just for the pictures, THAT needs to be shown :-).

I really hope you like this little "behind-the-scence" look in to my kitchen and work area and let me know anytime if you might have any questions. And if you are thinking about a spring cleaning in your kitchen, I hope I could inspire you to go plastic free and get some sustainable solutions as well.

Love  Verena

*This blogpost is a cooperation with IKEA Switzerland, but reflects my own opinion. 

This post is also available in: deutsch

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