Hello Lovelies, some time ago I was contacted by the lovely and talented Mary from www.maryfernandez.ch and she was wondering if I was interested in doing a food shooting with her. Of course I was interested and some time later we met in Zurich at Daizys and talked about what she had in mind and if that would fit my expectations and to hear about my ideas. We clicked instantly and also the girls which I brought to our meeting liked her immediately. We found out quickly that we share the same taste on photography and styling and so I was looking very much looking forward to our little project.

So we set a date for our shooting and in the meantime I looked into possible recipes to make for that day and also spent time on Pinterest to collect inspiration as well.

We decided to shoot at our house since this would be of course a lot easier with all the foods and all the props. We had such a fun day full of laughter and lots of yummy food, we redecorated our house and made a big mess with chocolate (or the girls did). But we also felt really relaxed in Mary's presence and with the way she takes the pictures. So today I'm really happy to show you some of the pictures, which I really love.

We really had so much fun and the pictures are such a precious memory. Make sure to check Mary and her homepage for more pictures, she does wedding, family, partner shootings and much more and she is such a lovely and warm person, I can only recommend to work with her.

Love, Verena

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Wowwww I loved the new website!!!!! I love everything! Congratulations and I love always working beside YOU!

Verena Frei says:

Thank you so my dear!! I’m happy you like it and I can’t wait for all our future projects! Big hug

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