Hello Lovelies, you might have seen it on my Instagram the past week, I’m really fascinated with “Black Water” at the moment. That’s water enriched with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a fine black odorless and tasteless powder made from coconut shells that havebeen exposed to very high temperatures in an airless environment. It is then treated, or activated, to increase its ability to absorb various substances.

The water with activated charcoal has a detoxing and rinsing effect and it also should help you to get over a hangover – which I haven’t tested myself yet! I have to admit in the beginning I felt a bit strange to drink black water, but it has absolutely no taste of its own and just tastes like natural water. After I received the first bottles from  Beneva Black Water my mind started to get creative. Of course I would not only drink it – you would not have expected that from me would you?! So I thought abut all the cool stuff I could do with it and the first thing I created was a black Chia pudding – which a lot of people on Instagram liked, and I liked it too, so mystical with the black and it tasted yummy too.

So here is the recipe and pictures again:

For the Chia pudding: 

1 cup of black water with activated charcoal from Beneva Black Water

4 tablespoons Chia seeds

Some vanilla

2 tablespoons maple syrup or as much as you like

Mix the ingredients and stir well. Let sit in the fridge overnight. Top with plant based yoghurt of your choice and fresh berries.

Black Chia Pudding

I also liked the idea of freezing the black water in ice cubes, I was pretty sure it would look awesome and it did! I put the ice cubes in fresh water, with lots of berries and added more black water for a perfect summer refreshment. How cool does this look – I think I really like those dramatic look more and more ?

Activated charcoal

And last but not least, I HAD to make popsicles, since it worked with the ice cubes, it also is perfect for popsicles. I made a combination with chia pudding, berry yoghurt and coconut creme and they turned out so good, fresh and colorful, perfect for a hot summer day! If you want some extra sweetness you could dip them in melted dark chocolate. 

For the Chia mix:
Mix one cup of black water with 3-4 tablespoons of Chia seeds
let rest in the fridge for 2-3 hours
Mix in some plantbased yoghurt and mashed blackberries and sweetener of your choice
Fill in Popsicles molds, starting with the plain black water, than the Chia mix and top of with some plain Joghurt or coconut cream (that’s what I used) – freeze and enjoy!!

Black Popsicles

Black popsicles

And of course you could also enjoy the Geneva Black Water just chilled directly out of the fridge! If you are curious now and want to make your own Black Beauties with it, make sure to check their website for all the places where you can get the water or you can order it online directly: www.benevablack.ch

And they are also lunching a new product this June, a black powder which you can use to naturally whiten your teeth, check it out here: www.benevablack.ch

Love, Verena

*This post is a cooperation with BENEVA Black Water

This post is also available in: deutsch

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