Hello Lovelies, I have a new favorite cake for the summer: polenta cake with peach compote. If you've never baked a cake with polenta or semolina, then you definitely have to try it soon. The cake also contains olive oil, which sounds special at first, but that goes perfectly with this Mediterranean cake. And to top it off, the cake is served with caramelized Demeter peaches from my Migros *, for which I created the recipe.

Polentakuchen mit Pfirsich

Demeter peaches & stone fruit

Why should you pay attention to the Demeter label when it comes to stone fruit? Stone fruit contains a wide variety of vitamins, fiber, micronutrients and phytochemicals. It is rich in vitamins A, C, almost all B vitamins, carotenoids and flavonoids (anthocyanins). In addition, there is a lot of potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese and calcium in the fruits. Unfortunately, stone fruit is also one of the fruits that is often contaminated with pesticides.

Therefore, you should pay particular attention to organic products and if you still get fruit in Demeter quality, even better. Demeter is not only the oldest organic label, but relies on the strictest guidelines in natural food production. Demeter's biodynamic cultivation meets the highest quality standards and makes a sustainable contribution to nature, animals and people at the same time.

I am very happy that Migros continues to expand the range of Demeter products and that you can therefore make a good choice when shopping!

But now back to the cake, you have to try the recipe. In addition to polenta / semolina, olive oil, there are also almonds in the cake, giving it a very fine nutty aroma that goes so well with the peaches. In addition, lemon zest and juice ensure a fine acidity and a balance to the sweet peaches - with citrus fruits I would always pay attention to good organic quality!

Polentakuchen mit Pfirsich


And here is the recipe for the polenta cake with peach:

Polentakuchen mit Pfirsich
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Polenta cake with caramelized peaches

A fluffy, vegan polenta cake with a peach compote topping.
Course: Cake, Dessert, Kuchen, Süsses
Keyword: Kompott, Kuchen, Olivenöl, Pfirsich, Polenta, Vegan
Prep Time:10 minutes
Cook Time:30 minutes
Servings:1 cake
Author:Verena Frei
drucken pinnen


  • Baking oven


  • 100 ml plant based milk
  • 50 g vegan joghurt
  • 75 ml olive oil mild/fruity
  • 75 g sugar (e.g. raw cane sugar, coconut blossom sugar)
  • Zest of 1 Demeter lemon
  • Juice of 1 Demeter lemon
  • 1 Tbsp Flax flour (ground flax) mixed with 3 tbsp water
  • 50 g ground almonds
  • 50 g Polenta or semolina
  • 100 g all purpose flour or spelt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
Peach compote
  • 500 g Demeter peaches
  • 50 g raw cane sugar or coconut blossom sugar
  • Juice of 1 Demeter lemon
  • some vanilla
  • elderflower optional


  • Put the milk, yoghurt, olive oil, sugar and lemon zest and juice in a bowl and mix well
  • In a second bowl, mix the dry ingredients and add the wet ingredients
  • Finally stir in the apple cider vinegar, avoiding too much stirring, so that the dough remains fluffy
  • Grease a small tin with a diameter of 20 cm (or a tin with a diameter of 26 cm, then the cake will be flatter) and pour in the dough
  • Bake at 180 ° for about 30 minutes - do a stick test
  • Let cool down
  • Wash and cut the peaches into eighths
  • Put the sugar in a pan and let it caramelize slowly
  • Add the peaches, deglaze with the lemon juice, add a little vanilla and possibly elderflower and let simmer for about 5-7 minutes
  • Serve the cake with vegan quark or cream and the peach compote

The cake is so nice and fluffy and light with a fine almond aroma. With olive oil you should of course pay attention to organic quality and it should also be a mild, fruity oil. Alternatively, you can definitely use another neutral oil, e.g. rapeseed oil. You can also exchange polenta for semolina, spelt semolina works wonderfully here.

Polentakuchen mit Pfirsich

In addition to the peach compote, I also put some vegan quark on the cake, then you have a creamy component, which is very tasty. Of course, you could also whip up some cream and add it to the cake or serve with it.

I hope you will try the polenta cake with peach because it is really delicious. It tastes like a warm summer's day and is therefore of course perfect for a picnic in the garden or as a dessert on a mild summer evening.

You can already find more recipes with the best organic products from my Migros here on the blog.

Love Verena


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*This blog post was created in collaboration with Migros, but reflects my own opinion.

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