Hello lovelies, today I am pleased to share with you a great new recipe for pumpkin dumplings with oven vegetables in cooperation with Samsung* and the new NV9000 Oven with Dual Cook Steam function. I have been using this great oven in my kitchen for a few weeks now and I’m very enthusiastic about the possibilities it offers and would never want to be without it again. But more on that later. I made the pumpkin dumplings with oven vegetables because it wonderfully shows which possibilities the Samsung Dual Cook Steam offers and what you can create with it.

Samsung NV9000 Oven

The oven impresses not only with its stylish design with a satin finish, but above all with its functionality. You actually get several ovens in one with the Dual Cook function. The baking chamber can be separated by an insert and so you get an “upper” and a “lower” oven, which can be controlled independently of each other. Different baking temperatures, baking, steaming and roasting at the same time, so many possibilities - I love it! In addition, the lower part of the oven with the appropriate steamer is also a real steamer and you can gently prepare dishes there while something is baking in the upper part.

Samsung NV9000 Ofen

And that's exactly what I did for today's recipe, the pumpkin dumplings with oven vegetables. The dumplings in the lower part were steamed with the special Special Steam Tray, while the oven vegetables were baked until crispy in the upper part of the oven. I also prepared the pumpkin and potatoes for the dumplings in the oven. The potatoes are gently steamed and the pumpkin baked with convection. The oven also takes these steps for you, so you can sit back and wait, completely relaxed. Or even better, you can conveniently operate the oven with your smartphone.


You can connect your smartphone and the oven with the SmartThings app via WiFi and not only find recipe ideas there, but you can also control the oven and keep an eye on it anytime, anywhere. I love features like this, because I’m one of those people who preheat the oven, then do something else in the house and completely forget that I switched the oven on (#mombrain says hello). The app sends a message that the oven is ready, how much cooking time is left and if you want you can easily extend it on the app. You don't necessarily need all of these features, but they are definitely a simplification and a plus for all technology fans.

But now back to the delicious dumplings. These are quite easy to make and turn out really well in the steamer, especially with the colorful oven vegetables full of roasted aromas. I filled them with a mixture of leek and bread, which gives them a little more flavor and bite. You can perfectly serve it with a dark sauce and your festive menu is ready, for which you only need the oven (except for the filling and the sauce). So a great dish if you are expecting guests, because you can prepare everything and the Samsung NV9000 will do the rest of the work for you.

Kürbis-Knödel mit Ofengemüse


And now here is the recipe for pumpkin dumplings with oven vegetables:

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Pumpkin dumplings with oven vegetables

A delicious dish with pumpkin dumplings and colorful oven vegetables. 
Course: Beilage, Hauptgericht, Main Course
Keyword: Gemüse, Kartoffelknödel, Knödel, Kürbis, Ofengemüse, Vegan
Prep Time:1 hour
Cook Time:1 hour
Servings:4 People
Author:Verena Frei
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  • Samsung NV9000 Dual Cook Steam


Pumpkin dumplings
  • 700 g (1 lbs. 9 oz.) floury potatoes 
  • 500 g (1 lbs. 2 oz.) pumpkin e.g. hokkaido
  • 120 g (1 cup) starch
  • 2 tsp salt
  • Pinch of nutmeg 
  • Pinch of pepper
  • 1 stalk leek
  • 1 slice bread or toast 
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp vegetable broth powder
  • Salt and pepper
Oven vegetables
  • 250 g (9 oz.) Brussels sprout 
  • 1/2 pumpkin e.g. butternut 
  • 1/2 eggplant 
  • 1 fennel
  • 2 beetroots
  • 3-4 carrots
  • 4 Tbsp olive oil
  • 2 shallots
  • 3-4 garlic cloves
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp paprika powder
  • Turmeric, pepper 
  • Fresh thyme and/or rosemary 
  • 2 tsp birnel or maple syrup 


Pumpkin dumplings
  • Peel the potatoes and cut them in quarters, place them on the Samsung Special Steam Tray and steam them for approx. 35-40 minutes until they are soft (alternatively cook them in salt water)
  • Cut the pumpkin in half and cook them along with the potatoes in the upper oven at 175°C (347°f) with convection for 35-40 minutes
  • Let both cool off. Mash the potatoes with a masher or press and add the pumpkin flesh
  • Add all other ingredients and mix into a dough. It should not turn out sticky. If so, add some more starch 
  • Put the dough in the fridge for about 30 minutes and prepare the filling in the meantime
  • Cut the leek in small dices as well as the bread
  • Heat up the oil in a pan and roast leek and bread while stirring for 5-7 minutes 
  • Season with the herbs and let it cool off 
Pumpkin dumplings
  • Now take the dumpling dough out of the fridge and separate it into 10–12 pieces
  • Flatten them in your hand, add about 1 teaspoon of filling to it, close the dough and roll it into a ball 
  • Place them on the perforated part of the Special Steam Tray and steam them for about 50-60 minutes 
Oven vegetables
  • Wash and cut the vegetables and place them all on a tray 
  • Cut the shallots and garlic and add them to the vegetables 
  • Mix them with olive oil, herbs and birnel/maple syrup 
  • Bake them in the oven at 175°C (347°f) along with the dumplings for about 45-50 minutes until crispy 
  • Serve them with the dumplings and a dark gravy or mushroom sauce

Pumpkin dumplings with oven vegetables

The pumpkin dumplings are a little softer than classic dumplings with only potatoes, but we found that particularly tasty. Thanks to the gentle steam cooking, they actually melt in your mouth and go wonderfully with the spicy oven vegetables with their many different types and flavors.

Kürbis-Knödel mit Ofengemüse

Advantages & features

The advantage of the Dual Cook System is of course not only that the oven can be used in so many different ways, but it also saves energy if only one oven is used. And yet you have all the advantages of a large baking chamber when you need it. I use it for my sourdough bread for instance. You don't need a water connection either, because the water is poured into the practical steam drawer - very straightforward. You can of course also use the steam function for pastries and other dishes, so the tray is not always necessary.

What I was also very happy about are the different cleaning options, because let's be honest, who likes to spend their time cleaning the oven - I definitely don't! The Samsung NV9000 has two options that make cleaning easier: pyrolysis and steam cleaning.

The practical telescopic rails for above and below are a great relief. Overall, the Samsung NV9000 impresses with its intuitive operation with the full touch control panel and a large rotary control. I got the oven when I was in the peek of creating my cookbook. At first I was a little worried about whether I would find my way around quick enough, but it wasn't a problem at all.

I hope you will try the delicious pumpkin dumplings with oven vegetables. A perfect autumn menu for those cozy days that are ahead of us. Since we all spend a lot of time at home these days, why not try something new. And if you are now curious, you can find more information about the Samsung NV9000 Oven with Dual Cook function here. I am definitely excited. For everyone who likes to use the advantages of a steamer - but only have space for one unit - this oven is the ideal solution! I look forward to sharing more creations from it with you soon.

And here you can find more pumpkin recipes.

Love, Verena


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Pumpkin dumplings with oven vegetables

*This blog post was created in collaboration with Samsung Switzerland - the recipes are my own.

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