Hello Lovelies, I have a the next basic recipe for you today: I get asked about it all the time, so here it is: Vegan crêpes - basic recipe. We love crêpes, even a little bit more than pancakes, probably because you can just eat more of them (more is more - or what was the saying ?!). The thin pancakes are very tempting, made quickly, usually you have all the ingredients at home already and they can be filled to your heart's desire.

Of course, the traditional crêpes recipe contains eggs, but you don't really need them for a good batter to make thin pancakes. I've done the recipe countless times now and it works wonderfully every time. Important is a good pan, otherwise you will not get the crêpes thin enough. I also use a crêpes spreader (like here), which helps a lot, such a handy little device. But of course, pivoting the batter in the pan works perfectly as well. Another advantage of a good, coated pan is that you can bake the crêpes completely without any additional fat.

Vegane Crêpes

I always use light spelt flour and some coconut blossom sugar to sweeten our crêpes. You can also use xylit or leave out the sugar if you use sweet fillings. I also like to vary the spices and add cinnamon or tonka bean. By the way, it doesn't really matter which the plant based milk you use, it works with every milk I've tried so far. Most of the time I use oat milk.

And here is the Vegan Crêpes - basic recipe:

Vegane Crêpes
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Vegan Crêpes – basic recipe

Delicious thin crêpes that are perfect without eggs. Filled to your heart's desire, a classic that everyone loves.
Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:10 minutes
Total Time:15 minutes
drucken pinnen


  • 200 gr flour eg spelt flour
  • 400 vegetable milk for example soy or oats
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar e.g., coconut sugar or xylit
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract or powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1-2 pinches of cinnamon


  • Melt the coconut oil
  • Mix all ingredients together in a bowl to a smooth batter
  • Let rest briefly and then bake the crêpes in a non-stick pan
  • Fill to your heart's desire

For the fillings there are very clear favorites in our house. While I like the classic version with cinnamon and sugar mixture or jam and applesauce, the chocolate filling is the winner among the young ladies of the house. The crêpes are also delicious with a fruity filling of berries or, depending on the season, stone fruits such as apricots. To the apricot version I made in the summer, I also added poppy seeds to the batter, which was so delicious.

You could use the recipe to make the classic Crêpes Suzette - they will turn out so delicious too. This is a great dessert if you have guests. Serve the flambéed crêpes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream - so good, my mouth is watering.

Vegane Crêpes Suzette

As you can see, there are no limits to the imagination with the Crêpes basic recipe. The children like to eat them in the afternoon as a treat or make crêpes skewers with fruits, that will be a crowdpleaser at the next birthday, brunch or just like that.

Vegane Crêpes

By the way, the girls requested a pancake cake for next time  (like Pettersson and Findus), so I better get started to make about  50 crêpes :-). Do you like crêpes and if so, what is your favorite filling? I hope you try this simple recipe and let me know how you like it. And if you prefer hearty pancakes, then try my recipe for buckwheat pancakes.

And if you prefer pancakes, then of course I have some recipes for you here.

Love Verena

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