Hey lovely people. I know it was a bit silent (again) on the blog, but we really enjoyed the long and late summer and then kindergarten started for the girls and we needed some time to adjust. But the girls love to go, just getting up early in the morning is not easy for all of us. So we are always looking for quick breakfast ideas that still give us energy for the day. So when Panasonic asked me if I would like to try their Slow Juicer I was exited. I thought about to buy one myself for a long time, but the fact to have another machine in my kitchen always stopped me. But to my surprise the Panasonic slow juicer isn’t that big and it fits perfectly next to my mixer.

So we started the juicing and tried all different combinations, which turned out really good – at least most of them. Some had too much veggies for the girls, but they drank most of them.

The juicer is super easy to set up , then you just have to cut the fruits and veggies, put them in and that’s it: you have fresh and healthy juice.

And these are the combinations we tried so far:

Fennel – Carrot – Apple – Orange

Strawberry – Beets – Fig – Carrot – Pineapple

Juicing with a slow juicer

Pineapple – Apple – Carrot

Watermelon – Grapefruit – Apple – Turnip – Mint

Juicing with a slow juicer

Cucumber – Fennel – Kiwi – Apple – Grapes

Juicing with a slow juicer

And the Panasonic MJ-L500 Slow Juicer comes with another feature I really liked. You can very easily make Frozen Joghurts or Sorbets. There is an adapter which fits easily and than you can turn frozen fruits into nice cream.

Juicing with a slow juicer

We are really happy with the juicer and there are lot more combinations we want to try in the future and I even think about a juice fast.

Love, Verena

*This post is a cooperation with Panasonic, but reflects my own opinion and experience.


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