Hello lovelies, today I will take you inside our home again. This time it’s the rooms of our girls that we redesigned in cooperation with IKEA Switzerland*. The girls will start school this summer and so it was time to adapt their rooms to schoolkids’ needs.

I can hardly believe how fast the last 6 years passed by – didn’t we just design their nurseries?! We actually redesigned their rooms a few times over the past few years as of course a child’s needs change over the years. In the beginning they shared a room. But since they preferred to play instead of sleep around bedtime, we decided to separate them 2 years ago. Besides it was very important to us that each of the girls has their own room – certainly a wise step for identical twins (if you have the capacity of course).

They are about to start a new and exciting chapter in their lives and this chapter should reflect their rooms.

Kinderzimmer Schulkind

We haven’t exchanged all of the furniture because some of their favorites like the BUSUNGE bed are allowed to stay, especially because it grows with the kids. I can assure you that it’s very comfortable because we parents spent quite a few nights in it :-).

We equipped the beds with new large blankets, new bed-sets and pillows, everything matching for big girls. I especially like the URSKOGseries with animals. One has the the lion and the other one the panda. They are a nice eye catcher on the STILLSAMTbed-sets as they have a rather discreet look.

One of the most important pieces of furniture for a schoolkid is of course the desk. Here it is important that they enjoy using it, that the desk has the ideal height and a comfortable chair. Also important is the fact that it contains storage room for pencils, crayons etc. so that you don’t see stuff everywhere. If you have to do your homework it’s essential to have a tidy desk in order to fully concentrate. The desk system MICKE meets these requirements and in particular I like the add-on element with the magnetic board.

Kinderzimmer Schulkind


My personal highlight – and I can reveal it’s also the girls‘ highlight, is the little reading corner we created for them. When I saw the STRANDMON kids armchair for the first time, I instantly fell in love and I knew right away this is what the ladies need. I hope I was able to inspire them to read plenty of books in this cosy reading corner, rounded off by a basket for books and/or toys, a cosy blanket and a plant. I was a bookworm myself as a child and benefitted from it.

Leseecke Kinder

Needless to say most of their toys and their favorite stuffed animals had to stay. Even though they will be schoolkids now, they should still remain kids in the first instance and play in their rooms. I repositioned the existing Kallax shelves and the Hemnes sideboard and bought some unitary boxes to provide a calm and tidy overall picture.

The TJENAseries offers tidiness and most of all is a good opportunity to sort all small pieces into separate boxes by themes. They are available in different sizes, also as a magazine rack and a pen box for the desk. They all create a much tidier look and the girls can still find their stuff.

Schreibtisch Kinder

Needless to say we had to add some new decoration. It was important to me that it doesn’t look too grown up and is a nice mixture of personal items/pictures and memories. For example we brought some beautiful shells from our around the world trip, gifts from their godparents and many family pictures.

I also found some very beautiful pictures, cards and lovely sukkulents and cactuses in pink pots at Ikea and used them as decorations. I still very much like the MOSSLANDA picture shelf because you can redesign it using different elements as you like – this makes the room look nice and interesting for a long time.

In order to make the whole room look even more comfortable, we added a new ADUM carpet into the middle. The color gray is neutral and the carpet itself is very fluffy, you just want to sit and play and even cuddle on it.

The transformation of their rooms was a surprise for the girls and we arranged it while they were on holiday with their grandmother. They already picked some parts when we went to Ikea before but they didn’t know how the end result would look like. It was definitely a perfect surprise, they were both very happy and are now proud of their schoolkid rooms.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight and I was able to inspire you a little. I’m sure some of you will have schoolkids this year.

Love, Verena

And because it turned out so pretty, here are some more pictures:



*Dieser Blogpost ist in Zusammenarbeit mit Ikea Schweiz entstanden, spiegelt aber meine eigene Meinung wider. 

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