Hello Lovelies, if you know me a bit by now or follow me on Instagram you might already know I have a thing for Avocadoburgers. The first Avocadoburger I created was a bit of a coincidence. I had planned to make an Avocadorose on toast, but while I was peeling that Avocado I saw how perfect it was and it reminded me of a Bun. So I thought why not make an Avocadoburger and it turned out a lot of people liked it very much and and it even made it to the cover of a Magazine (even though I’m not the first one with this idea, there have been other Avoburgers as well).

Since than I made lots of different kind of Avoburgers since it is so much fun, here are some of them:





And since I often get asked how I manage to make them, so that they won’t fall apart, I made a little video and would love to share it with you here. And you can make your very own beautiful Avocadoburger.


Love Verena



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    31. August 2017

    Das sind ja mal klasse Kombinationen! Ob ich das so hübsch hinbekomme? Mal sehen. Wird auf alle Fälle ausprobiert 🙂

    Danke für die Inspiration 😍

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      Verena Frei

      1. September 2017

      Vielen Dank liebe Beyhan, ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du es probierst. Liebe Grüsse Verena

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