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  • Zitronen-Ricotta Pancakes
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    Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes

    Mar 2, 2019

    Hello Lovelies, today I have a new delicious breakfast recipe for you: Lemon-ricotta pancakes. We love pancakes and especially if they are super fluffy….

  • Erdnussbutter mit Kokos
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    Peanutbutter with Coconut

    Feb 21, 2019

    Hello Lovelies, today I have a super simple but delicious recipe for you: peanut butter with coconut. Do you already make your own nut…

  • Cremiger Porridge mit Cashewmilch
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    Creamy porridge with cashew milk

    Feb 13, 2019

    Hello Lovelies, today I’m happy to share one of our favorite breakfast recipes with you: creamy porridge with cashew milk. Especially in the cold…

  • vegane Crêpes - Grundrezept
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    Vegan Cêpes – basic recipe

    Jan 27, 2019

    Hello Lovelies, I have a the next basic recipe for you today: I get asked about it all the time, so here it is:…

  • Chia Pudding Grundrezept
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    Chiapudding – basic recipe

    Jan 21, 2019

    Hello Lovelies, as promised today comes another basic recipe for you: Chiapudding. I have to say, I have kind of a love-hate relationship with…

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    Pumpkin baguette

    Nov 26, 2018

    Hello lovelies, how could it be otherwise, here is another pumpkin recipe: pumpkin baguette. Yummy, fluffy and the perfect companion for winterly soups, but also…

  • Apfelpfannkuchen vegan
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    Apple pancakes

    Sep 28, 2018

    Hello lovelies, I couldn’t be happier that apple season is here!! So I have a new recipe for you as well: Apple pancakes. 


    But first…

  • Johannisbeerkuchen lecker vegan
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    The most delicious red currant cake

    Aug 15, 2018

    Hello lovelies, have you baked with currants yet this summer? If not then I have the perfect recipe for you for this delicious and…

  • Waffles with strawberry mint sauce
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    Waffles with Strawberry-Mint Sauce

    Jul 22, 2018

    Hello lovelies, do you like waffles? We love them and therefore I have a new summer recipe for you today: waffles with strawberry mint…

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    Delicious recipes with coconut water

    Jun 20, 2018

    Hello lovelies, do you like coconut water? We are huge fans!I’m not quite sure if it is because we got married in Hawaii and simply…

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    2 delicious recipes with basmati rice

    Jun 19, 2018

    Hello lovelies, I’m happy to present 2 more recipes in cooperation with Alnatura to you this time with the delicious Alnatura Basmati Rice. We keep it…

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    Rhubarb Streusel Muffins

    Apr 9, 2018

    Hello Lovelies, we longed for it and now it’s finally here: springtime! And with it not only the first blooming trees and flowers, the…

  • Osterbrunch
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    Vegan Easter Brunch

    Mar 25, 2018

    Hello lovelies, Easter is coming up soon and I have to admit I’m very much looking forward to it. For me Easter is the…

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    Cookies with dates

    Mar 7, 2018

    Hey lovelies, we are a proper snack family that regularly craves for a little sweet or savory snack. We often eat fruits, sometimes small…

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    Pretzel bagel

    Feb 16, 2018

    Hello Lovelies, do you love everything pretzel as much as I do? Maybe it’s because I used to life in Munich for some years…